The most anticipated pop-up shop of the year!

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We are a one day, pop-up shop for children, age 6-16, to launch and promote their own business. Sponsored by BookIt4Life Children's Book & Social Club, 501(c)3.

BookIt4Life was founded by the Cantrell Twins at the age of 8, with hopes of spreading their love of reading, providing different experiences and opportunities for their peers, as well as encouraging them to be more involved in their community.

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BookIt4Life Memphis CBF Interview

With the help of their parents, volunteers, and The Acton Family Memphis Children's Business Fairs began in September 2019 and are held twice a year. Our fairs began traveling for pop-up shops in other cities in April 2022 and by partnering with local sponsors we are able to share this opportunity with children throughout local and extended areas!

Past & Present Vendors on the Rise!