Amazing opportunity for young entrepreneurs to showcase their passions and learn the importance of having a plan and providing good customer service. There are plenty of adult entrepreneurs who could use these supports, so it’s very heartening to see this one be focused on children!

-Sherman R.

What an amazing outlet for children to learn marketing and sales strategies, conversational and money management skills, as well as entrepreneurial spirit. We love being a part of this!

-Tanya B.

My daughter's participated in the Memphis Children's Business Fair a few years ago and it helped inspire them to grow their now very successful business. We love the foundation that your amazing event creates for kids!

-Crystal Y.

I look forward supporting this fair EVERY year!

-Debbie T.

I can’t wait! I enjoy shopping with the young entrepreneurs.

-Latina J.

What our vendors and customers are saying!

The level of professionalism was unmatched. Our family and friends appreciate what you are doing.

- Monica G.

It was such an experience, a great one!!

-Patrece E.

Very important for young entrepreneurs. This business fair promotes the development of business minds of young professionals to be. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing the fair grow every year and it shares one of my many passions - Shopping!! It’s a must for any child who has talents and maybe too shy to express themselves.

- Levida A.